New image of Agata

We analysed the phenomenon of trips to furniture stops, which for Poles has become not only a place to buy things, but also to spend their free time. The poor image of Agata Meble resulted in consumers visiting the store "by chance" as they were heading to Ikea or Black Red White. In spite of a comparable range of products, Agata Meble was not considered a first choice furniture store.

Agata Logo


I like her for her personality...

Our task was to design an experience so that clients would get to like Agata. We like brands with personalities. That's why we gave the brand of Agata a distinct character. The red line not only tells the story of Agata, but it also smoothly leads the consumer through the brand's world.

The line and icons as a graphic motive have created an image one cannot forget.


Agata nr 1 Progress to awareness leader
Agata 110% Increased sales in 2012–2016
Agata Dobry Wzór Award of the institute of industrial design for rebranding

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