To outstrip Chinese competitors and enter the Philips shelf.

These are not mass-manufactured products. Kanlux tests every single bulb in its own laboratory, thus ensuring highest quality of its product and reliable verification. Thanks to its product quality, flexibility, and quick responses to changing trends and technological novelties, the brand is able to compete for the position of the leader in its category. How to change brand perception and stand out from Chinese competitors? Kanlux brand needed the reorganisation of its architecture and a coherent but original visual identity which will make it stand out.


Surety in communication and surety in appearance.

For engineers, electricians, specialists? No. Light is egalitarian. Our goal was to abandon technicalities in brand communication, to make the brand closer to ordinary consumers by adding an air of surety and safety, and to tell simple stories using light as it's good to have light at hand. Flashes, lights and shadows have inspired us to design visual identity. Based on the shape of letter X in the brand logotype that symbolises a flash, we have created a grid as an effective tool to form coherent visual identification.


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