The past — an unlimited source of inspiration

The history of mead dates back a few thousand years. Polish mead-making has been distinguished for centuries by its high quality; that is why mead was one of the major Polish exports in the Middle Ages. Its high quality is highlighted by the fact that it was also used as a means of payment, and was as valuable as gold.

Kwarta - genuine, traditional mead - was created thanks to the restoration of declining mead-making traditions... It is a dialogue between the past and today's design thinking. The brand's name is a reference to the old Polish unit of volume. That is why its bottles have an uncommon volume of 942 ml, which is exactly 1 quart (Polish "kwarta").

The bottle is a modern interpretation of the traditional stoneware mead vessel.

By retaining the original material, embossing, marking and the very production process itself, we have shaped a consistent brand of mead derived from its actual source.

Restoration of craft

Kwarta reaches back to the resources of the past with respect for the art of craftsmanship. It is an attempt at abandoning monotonous industrial standardisation. At a small workshop, which revives and nurtures traditional crafts, objects filled with soul are made. Thus, each bottle is different, one of a kind.

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