Classic opposite of energy drinks

The world is rushing forward, and we find ourselves increasingly often wondering whether we should speed up or slow down in life. "Are you down? Then get up!" or rather "Slow down and start living"? We have decided to open a discussion concerning the popular trend of slow living in the light of omnipresent energy drinks.

Slow is a concept of a calming drink, an anti-energy drink. It is an answer to the needs of a person with a busy and stressful lifestyle, who finds it hard to restore their inner balance and peace. Slow allows you to slow down and relax after a stressful day, and to find some time, too. Time only for yourself.


Take a breath and gain some time

The concept is the design of the packaging, which will allow the creation of a new ritual for consuming the product. It is not only the drink itself that slows us down (its special recipe or natural ingredients), but the very packaging creates a pretext for taking a deep breath and grasping some time for oneself. The design of the glass bottle with a narrow neck makes the drink leave the bottle and enter the glass in a slow manner. Irritating? No. It is the time you have won for yourself. Stop, take a deep breath and experience the manifesto of Slow.

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