Bee Fee
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We play fair with bees

The sweetness of honey has been with us almost since forever. Until... constant contamination of air and chemical spraying of plants are a deadly threat to bees. Insects to which we owe not only honey but most of all the pollination of plants, which plays a key role in food production. Paradoxically, cities have become the refuge for our small friends. Here, they are less exposed to environmental threats; but they still need our help. How can we repay them?

On the side of the bees

BEE-FEE is a brand offering 100% ecological honey. The packaging is made of two mutually complementary elements: a glass jar and a concrete pot. Just plant some flowers in the pot and place it on your balcony. In this way we can help bees, by expanding their ecosystem and enjoying the view of blossoming flowers.

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