Redd’s brand redesign

Why did Redds – a cult brand among flavored beers – have to completely redefine its image? Although a leader in its category in Poland for two decades, Redd lost its unquestionable leadership due to the market being flooded with flavored craft beers and new brands of ciders closely following suit. Things simply had to change, and so they did.

The new Redds stands for minimalistic design, a transparent message and strong color coding with unique, craft-beer illustrations. It was quite a challenge for the brand to create a distinctive visual signature to make its beer stand out on the shop shelves but the horizontal green branding strap does the job. It brings the other brand colors to play and sends out invitations to the world of Redds lovers.

So, what’s the biggest change in Redds? Fewer beer codes and plenty of added character. The packaging has been thoroughly redesigned. The typically “masculine” symbols of coats of arms, shields and seals have been replaced with a clear invitation to an intriguing world of tempting new flavors.

The brand’s DNA is dominated by fruity, unusual flavor combinations. Now these take center stage. When it comes to illustrations nothing is too obvious, everything is filled with symbols. This is the new, promising creative platform of the visually striking world of Redds.

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